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Premier League Outright Winner Betting Preview

With summer virtually over and a brand-new Premier League season beginning it's time for very first our betting preview. Premier League Outright Winner. We offer you the diminished on odds offered for Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool and offer a few of our opinions of the very best bets.


Guy Utd

Manchester United are been worthy of favourites with odds of around 2.6 or 13/8 to lift the title for the fifth time in 6 years. Some may not like to lock up their betting bankrolls for the entire season, probabilities of around 2.60 (13/8) clearly represent an excellent value bet for the people at freebetr.co.uk. Both 888Sport and SkyBet are currently providing odds of 2.62 whilst you get somewhat much better chances of 2.63 at Bet365 and Betfred.


It's hard to predict the outcome of Chelsea's Premiership project with an ever aging team and brand-new young supervisor in Andr Villas-Boas. We could see his much talked about motivational techniques shooting up the similarity Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard who have been so type in Chelsea's past success. We could likewise see the 33 year old lose the regard of his team members and face the sack mid-season from an owner who requires instant success. The group here at freebetr still feels Chelsea have enough to be contending for the league title up until at least the last month of the season. With Manchester United constantly being slow starters now might be the time to bet on Chelsea to win the title at odds of 4.0 or 3/1. Take a look at our complimentary 25 bets with Stan James and Victor Chandler and perhaps take the 3/1 on Chelsea raising the title in 2012.

Man City

Could this be Manchester City's year? With the signing of Argentinian Sergio Aguero, the 39 million male from Athletico Madrid, City ought to have the fire power to at least compete with the similarity Man Utd and Chelsea.

The amount of money invested in transfers and wages is profane and unless Roberto Mancini gets his team playing like a group on a constant basis, it is tough to see them beating their city rivals in the race to the Premier League title.

William Hill and SkyBet are offering chances of 5.0 or 4/1 for them to win this season and if Mancini's males can put a great run of video games together at the start of the season we might not see their odds being this high for a long time.

Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham

Some might not see the value in betting on Manchester United, Chelsea or Manchester City at brief chances to win the title which leaves us with the 'finest of the rest'.

Regardless of fantastic betting odds of around 50/1 (William Hill and 888Sport) for Spurs to win the league, Harry Redknapp's squad is far toweak at the back and up front. Inspect out our 25 free bet at Betfred and take advantage of their fantastic probabilities of 15.0 or 14/1 to win the title for the first time in long time.

Specialist Sports Handicapper Shares Knowledge.How not to lose Sports Wagering


Here are Money Management guidelines to follow for Sports betting, day trading stock, futures or alternatives market without following Money Management rules you cannot be a long term winner. One universal idea, whether sports wagering or stock day trading, is never risk more than the reward you look for. For every 1$ at risk it should return at least $1.05 in so doing you can win less than half your trades and still profit. Bankroll should be True Speculative Capital. If you do not have capital to guess with, do not play. Bankroll should be segregated funds, cash, or in a trading account. If in individual, a separate money clip in your pocket or in a telephone account. Bankroll has to be physically separate for a reason, so you don't trick your self, it's called Segregated Funds. Investment size is not more than 2 % of bankroll. $10,000 Bankroll IS $200 Investments (plays) a $500 Bankroll is $10 investments Never ever do Parlay wagers, or chase losses by doubling up, or Increasing wager sizes during losing streaks, losing streaks are inevitable, its fact, and the nature of the business

Increase INVESTMENT size when Bankroll grows by 20 % Example $10,000 Bankroll = $200 Investment When Bankroll Grows by 20 % = $12,000 bankroll = boost to $240 investment. Many people come apart at the seams & attempt to catch up, by enhancing their wager size, or by not following the 2 % of bankroll rule or adjusting at 20 % of bankroll rule.Again if you do not have true spec capital,

And cannot emotionally accept losing durations, sports wagering, or day trading equities, is not for you, and you ought to be avoided.The most crucial thing, it to have discipline, and a written strategy.This article provides on the pledge in the title, not only on my audited record, but through the video of other successful market participants who win over the long term.